The decision to invest in property is an important commitment, whether on an on-going basis or as a once-off situation, and involves a find balance between of risk and opportunity.


Joining forces with Africost will not only provide you with our Quantity Surveying and Project Management services, but also with an array of innovative and flexible ancillary resources.


Our Services include:


Feasibility Studies

As Quantity Surveyors we are recognised professionals within the construction industry acting as cost advisers and value consultants.
Cost predictability requires not only solid experience but also the implementation of sound principles and methodology.
Providing initial cost advice and feasibility studies are crucial during the projects inception stage. We recognise the importance of providing realistic cost advice and estimates that will contribute to the overall success of the proposed projects.

Our highly qualified staff members are equipped to undertake and manage a project from pre-project inception to the project close out.

Our feasibilities and cost advice will provide clients with:

  • Reliable and accurate cost advice
  • Advice on the viability of the proposed projects
  • Pre-feasibility-, detail feasibilities and capital cost estimates.
  • Advice on layout, size materials and methods of construction etc.


Planning & Cost Analysis

Africost provides a full system of budget estimating and cost planning by preparing preliminary cost studies, comparing alternative materials and designs in terms of capital, life cycle costs, operating maintenance and depreciation costs to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.
We are experts in developing cost structures. Our skilled and experienced staff are able to assist our clients through the various phases of concept and project development stages.
The best outcomes are possible when each decision on the scope or quality of the project is made in the full knowledge of its impact on the cost and value that it provides to the client.

Typical estimating services include:

  • Estimate compilations
  • Project cost calculations and pricing
  • Cash flow forecasting


Qualified Advice

Any client who is considering developing any building structure, changing an existing structure or investing in a construction project needs the expert advice of a professional Quantity Surveyor to establish budgets, cash flows, cost planning, cost management and obtaining value for money.
The appointment of a professional Quantity Surveyor is one of the most important decisions that can be made in relation to the successful financial management of a project and should take place at the inception of a development scheme. This ensures that specialised cost and contractual advice is immediately available to the client.
Utilising the latest technology, our highly qualified staff will provide clients with fast and accurate business orientated construction financial management services and advice on all types of developments. Our experience and attention to detail helps reduce risk for our clients.


Our services include:

  • Advice on suitable contracting strategies
  • Supporting a project execution plan
  • Selection of multi-discipline vendors and contractors
  • Tender Adjudications
  • Contract variation instruction management and costing
  • Facilitating contract amendment documentation
  • Obtaining priced quotations and recommendations


Construction Management

Africost offers a proactive approach to construction management. This approach assists in lowering cost, improving quality and minimizing construction claims. We bring a variety of construction expertise to every project.
Our qualified staff will manage projects to meet deadlines to deliver predictable cost, schedules and quality.


Our Construction Management services include:

  • Cost control
  • Construction coordination
  • Contract management


Project Management

Centred around the practice of strong management, good planning, control, co-ordination and leadership, and by harnessing a concentrated level of attention to detail and efficient planning, our Project Management expertise will ensure a smooth transition from start to finish on any project.
We at Africost are aimed at meeting our client’s requirements in order to produce a functional and financially viable project.
We ensure that the drawing board concept is realised on time, within budget and to the required standards by implementing the necessary project management principles.


Our Project Management services include:

  • Management Consultants
  • Reporting progress
  • Advice on contracting strategies


Property Developments

Our property development service includes the acquisitions of strategically situated properties, establishing design criteria, and formulating financial packages.
At the investigation stage of a specific project, we prepare an economic study of a site based on its property potential and economic viability. This economic study takes in to account all parameters, which will affect the financial profile of the project.
When it comes to property development, we use our years of experience to deliver properties that are cost effective and ultimately fit for purpose.


Quantity Surveying

The Quantity Surveyor is the cost and financial specialist of the construction industry.
Our Quantity Surveying and estimating services will ensure the financial control and success of projects and provide greater satisfaction with end results, improved building quality performance, budget and value accountability.  We have the skills and expertise to accurately determine the requirements of each project, working out the costs of these requirements, and developing a realistic yet constructive timeframe for the project.
Our goal is to establish and meet our client’s primary objectives, and to provide the client with Quantity Surveying solutions and services. Our services will provide the client with a finished product which is completed both on time and within budget.

At Africost we place a premium on quality. We believe in finding and training the brightest minds in their fields, and employing these trained, talented individuals to make the most of these skills.


The successful merger of our talented and experienced individuals means that, between us, we have decades of experience and training in Quantity Surveying resulting in tangible benefits to our clients.

We provide a full range of Quantity Surveying and Estimating services, which includes:

  • Budget Estimates
  • Advice on alternative construction methods and materials
  • Tender document preparation – preparation of Bill of Quantity documents etc
  • Contractor selection and tender adjudications
  • Negotiations with contractors
  • Cost monitoring, control and reporting
  • Dealing with contractors claims
  • Assessment of contractors interim payment claims
  • Preparing monthly Payment Valuations
  • Valuing and agreeing variations to the project
  • Advising on cost implications of variations
  • Preparation of Final Accounts and agreement of final project cost with the Contractor


Value Engineering

Value Engineering is not a cost-cutting exercise; it is a creative and organized exertion to analyze the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs (capital, energy & maintenance) over the life of the project.
Value engineering is therefore a systematic method to improve the value of the product or service.
Africost has the capacity to assist in the analysis of all components of the building to ensure that the most cost-effective materials and methods are used. Should this not be the case, clients are advised of alternative solutions.
A "second look" at the designs produced by the architect and engineers gives the assurance that all reasonable alternatives have been explored.


Africost Housing

The main focus of our housing division is cluster housing developments, gap housing and RDP housing projects. We also undertake the management of individual house construction projects when commissioned. We have extensive experience in the packaging through to the construction of such projects.


Skills Transfer, Training & Community Involvement

Africost has long been committed to correcting the historic imbalance in skills transfer and training, and has over the years, matured previously disadvantaged Quantity Surveyors, Projects Managers and General Contractors into Directorships, by assisting them to initiate their own practices and to work as independent entities or in joint ventures.

Africost has dedicated material, labour, expertise, time and food towards achieving objectives and subscribe to many community based project based joint ventures with emerging practices that pursue common goals. Such projects include assisting in business plans, estimates for schools, crèches, social upliftment plans, supervising building programmes and assisting emerging building contractors with generic administrative skills.


Other examples of Africost’s commitment to social upliftment include;

  • Provision of surety to a small emerging previously disadvantaged contractor, thereby allowing him to tender on the upgrading of market stalls at Nongoma’s taxi rank, and assisting him to plan and manage the project. Today he is an established contractor in the area.
  • Overseeing the training of many unskilled community member during the 1996 KwaMashu hostel upgrade
  • Monetary contribution to the Classroom Building Programme at Utrecht (in conjunction with Umzinyathi Projects Group (Pty) Ltd Consulting Engineers


In addition to these commitments, the Africost Directors are responsible for ensuring consistent and proactive education and training, across the following disciplines:

  • Planning and Cost Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Tender Documentation
  • Project Administration
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Human Relations and Training
  • Property Development
  • Finance
  • Management and Administration